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"James Bond meets the dark urban fantasy genre." - Amazon Reviewer


The forces of darkness have a new enemy!


My father worshiped the forces of darkness. I fight them.

Fifteen years ago, the authorities put an end to my father's terrifying cult. On that fateful day, a black sorcerer died and a monster hunter was born.
I refuse to be like my father. To embrace his dark legacy. But his followers have returned, and they're determined to make the son pay the price for the sins of his father.
First they stole my father's remains. Then they started coming after me. They're targeting my friends, my sanity, my world.
The Children of the Void are back. And they won't rest until they have my soul.

The Paranormalist is the beginning of a fast-paced occult horror adventure series full of chills, twists, and mystery. For fans of supernatural/paranormal dark urban fantasy action.

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